The History of Jastam House

    The Domaine de Barbarons was assembled in the 1920’s and covered over 2000 acres of land! It was the largest agricultural property on the Island of Mahé, filled with cinnamon plantations, patchouli fields, chicken and livestock.

    After the Independence of Seychelles in 1977, much of the land was expropriated leaving a single stretch of sea-front property starting from Grand Anse Beach to Anse Boileau which was overgrown and impenetrable. The land on which Jastam House sits, was initially part of a coconut plantation, complete with a distillery and ‘calorifer’ (making of copra) which were abandoned ruins when the family acquired the land.

    Built in 2002, Jastam House, named after the members of the family, is a jewel of hospitality and the family would love to take you on a tour across the decades, with magical photos of the property before and after. The candid snapshots offer a fascinating glimpse into the nostalgic history of this lovely curated private home, from the very first viewing of the land to the eventual loving home that is Jastam House.

    What was meant to be a short stop-over honeymoon trip to the Seychelles, resulted in the family falling in love with the beautiful islands of Seychelles and finding their loving home on this vast coconut plantation. Transforming the property into a majestic villa in the wonderful setting of Anse Barbarons, it is filled with the happy memories of family and friends and the wonderful people and team who help make Jastam House a splendour within its own garden of Eden.

    With every detail carefully thought out, the colonial style house and residential villas were delicately positioned to be hidden from view to ensure absolute privacy. Furnished with authentic antique colonial-style furniture and a world-class collection of oceanic and African art and artefacts, all hand-picked by the owners on their many travel adventures over the years, will undoubtedly take guests on a cultural journey.

    The exotic tropical garden with over 150 endemic species of plants was nurtured around the buildings. An art in itself, the garden contains some significant contemporary artwork and a collection of unique palm-trees and exotic plants including the world’s largest palm tree, the TALIPOT, and over a dozen Coco de Mer trees.

    Jastam House will be your home away from home in absolute luxury, complete privacy and exclusivity.

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